Medical Billing Services
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Medical Billing Services

A new way to revenue cycle management success.

HST provides Revenue Cycle Management Services that help combat the ever-increasing financial, clinical, and administrative burdens facing today’s independent physician.

HST can help you and your staff every step of the way to ensure that your practice is:

  bullet Being properly paid for all of the services you provide
  bullet Being paid as quickly as possible for those services
  bullet Not paying more in administrative expenses than necessary
  bullet Qualifying for all incentive $'s available (PQRI, e-Prescribing, EMR Stimulus)
  bullet Simplifying it's workflow
  bullet Making your work life easier!

It’s no secret that insurance requirements in the billing process are making it increasingly more difficult for you to get paid today. You need to have the very best tools, processes and people working with you to win this battle. With HST as your reimbursement partner, you get all that and more.

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Optum PM and Physician EMR

Optum PM and Physician EMR is a family of cloud-based products and services that simplify administration of physician practices and improve care by enabling physicians to spend more time with patients. Today, more than 10,000 health care providers nationwide use Optum PM and Physician EMR modules together or in combination with other third-party practice management systems.

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bullet Optum PM
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We're not just a Medical Billing Service. We're Different.

There are many differences between HST’s Revenue Cycle Management Services and those of a traditional Medical Billing Service. The most important is – We’ll help make your practice more profitable. And after all, isn’t that what a trusted medical billing partner should be doing for you?

If you’re using a medical billing company or performing billing internally, there’s a good chance you could be leaving 10% or more of your hard earned money on the table.

We're Different.

Click the link below to view a full list of the differences between HST and typical billing services.

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We Will Help Your Practice To:

  bullet Increase Collections by $40k or more
  bullet Reduce your payment cycle by 16 days or more (you get paid faster!)
  bullet Reduce Costs by $10k or more
  bullet Qualify for up to $44,000 in EMR incentives

HST is a Medical Billing Service located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
HST offers medical billing services, fully integrated with Optum PM and Physician EMR delivering a complete Revenue Cycle Management Solution to independent physicians.